Live: BVB talent demands FC Schalke 04

The relay winners have been found, now the first and second place in the U19 Bundesliga west and the champions of the North/Northeast and South/Southwest season are playing the title of German A-Youth champions. In the semifinals there is a duel between the two West clubs Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04. In the first leg, BVB welcomes the royal blue on Saturday at eleven o’clock. west reports in the live ticker of the game.

Borussia Dortmund – FC Schalke 04 0: 0

Gates: –

+++ 19th minute +++

Chef’s attempt by the Schalke! Kamara loses the ball in midfield. Hansen steals the leather and sees that Ostrzinski is too far in front of the goal. His direct attempt from over 30 meters ends up clearly to the right of the goal. Nevertheless, the BVB keeper gets upset about his front people.

+++ 16.Minute +++

The hosts go to the front of the opponent’s game and play high pressing. Schalke’s approach is a little more waiting. The Dortmund three -way series in the structure can usually move the balls. Only in midfield does the pressing trap snap to snap.

+++ 15th minute +++

So far there is still little to see from the favorite role of the Dortmund. Both teams meet absolutely at eye level in the first 15 minutes. With their first chance, the Schalke were even a little denser on the lead goal.

+++ 12th minute +++

First small excitement! The Schalke play kojic with a plug -in pass in the penalty area, the attacker falls down in the duel with opponents. Although loud protest and the whistle of the referee also apply, the decision is offside.

+++ 9th minute +++

The Dortmund also perform a straightforward attack and it becomes dangerous directly on the other side. Tom Rothe plays a steep pass from the defense, which Rijkhoff processes strongly at the front. The attacker gets along the leather at the end and aims from 15 meters to the left half of the goal. Treichel is there again.

+++ 7th minute +++

The game offers the right speed here. Now it is the Schalke again who are lingering the pressing of the Dortmund and quickly playing forward. Anubodem prevails on the left and comes to the baseline. Kojic presses the leather on the short post only centimeters next to the gate.

+++ 5th minute +++

Schalke does not get Gürpüz in midfield. The Dortmund offensive player marches towards the goal with big steps. Kurt finally stops his opponent with a foul 20 meters in front of the box. Gürpüz tries to find himself on the free kick. However, the attempt is too central and is not a problem for trees.

+++ 3rd minute +++

The Schalke also dare for the first time over the center line. Anubodem drives the ball over the left side and integrates Shubin via detours. The cross -player’s flank goes flat on the five. There, BVB keeper Ostrzinski is sure to pack.

Preliminary Report U19 Semi-Final against Schalke

+++ 1st minute, kick -off +++

The ball rolls, the BVB starts and begins with the game structure via the central defenders. The first attack runs over the half -link side. A steep pass finds Rijkhoff at the five -meter room, but the Dutch is closely covered and can only get a corner out. The short -executed corner does not bring anything.

+++ The lists +++

BVB: Ostrzinski-Rothe, Collins, Bynoe-Gitten, Fink, Gürpüz, Semic, Kleine-Bekel, Walz, Rijkhoff, Kamara

FC Schalke 04: 1 Treichel 2 Campanile 3 Anubodem 4 Weichert 5 Aliu 6 Hansen 7 Shubin 8 Kurt 9 Topp 10 Kojic 11 Sane

At the favorite Dortmunders there are two players with Bundesliga experience in the starting eleven. Tom Rothe and Jamie Bynoe-Gitten have drawn attention to themselves in the past few weeks with quite furious appearances. Today the duo takes a step back.

+++ Elgert also sees BVB as favorites +++

“The statistics and the data are very meaningful. The Dortmunders almost made it into the Youth League final and are in the cup final. The BVB has absolutely dominated our strong league. But that is also enough. Get thoughts about profits and lose, “says S04 icon and U19 coach Norbert Elgert before the game.

+++ First semi -finals already played +++

The first semi-finals of the final round around the Junior Bundesliga found on Friday. There Hertha BSC beat FC Augsburg 3-1 away. So the Berliners are already in the final with one leg.

+++ BVB clear favorite +++

The BVB goes into the duel as a clear favorite. The West relay ended the Dortmunders with a whopping eleven points ahead of the youngsters of FC Schalke 04. In the direct meeting, the black and yellow won 4-0 in Dortmund on match day 6.

At Schalke you can still look forward to the game hopefully.
“The preparation went well, the mood is very solved, but at the same time everyone is focused and concentrated,” said S04 trainer Norbert Elgert in the “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” from the training week of the royal blue.
In order to prevail in the end, however, you need “two almost perfect days”.
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