Sifu can finally be played by normal mortals now

If you are still looking for a really difficult challenge, Sifu could be something for you: The game is so hard that people have failed in rows to master the second level at all, let alone penetrate until the last boss fight. But now there is finally an update and thus the most welcome innovation will find its way into the game: various levels of difficulty.

SIFU: The hardest game of the year is finally accessible thanks to the update

That’s what it’s about: Those who are slightly masochistic, like to be dubbed and is on leg -hard training and unconditional self -optimization is the right place at SIFU. The action game attracts so much level that it became almost unplayable for many people relatively quickly. For example, for colleague Annika, as she describes in this difficulty article:

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Because of difficult but fair:

Sifu just finishes me


Now it’s getting easier: But the very bad torture should finally come to an end for many. Because Sifu received its first major update of the year. This brings the easier level of difficulty and for everyone who is looking for an even bigger challenge, there is even an even harder level of difficulty.

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Take a look at the trailer for the Sifu update:

The plug still in it: In addition to the now a total of three levels of difficulty, the first large Sifu update also brings some smaller new content, training mode and more.

  • 2 new levels of difficulty
  • 3 new outfits, 1 exclusively for Deluxe Edition
  • Bugfixes
  • Dark Mode
  • Hud improvements

This changes: The new levels of difficulty each make changes to the AI, but also by how much time the enemies take to their reactions. The speed of the main character’s aging process is also influenced by the level of difficulty. The average level of difficulty corresponds to the previous challenge level.

Are you happy about the new levels of difficulty? Do you give Sifu another chance now?