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Halos showrunner, Steven Kane, talks about the great revelation of episode 6

The long -awaited Aureola television series in Paramount+ continues to transmit new episodes every Thursday with its most recent episode, “SOLACE”, making a great revelation, indisputably the largest in the series so far. After the premiere of the sixth episode in the Transmission Service, had the opportunity to speak with aurela the showrunner and writer Steven Kane about how revelation occurred and why six episodes were needed to occur.

WARNING: Beyond this point, there will be spoilers of Aureola the sixth episode of “Solace”, as well as the spoilers of the program in general so far.

In “Solace”, the master chief (Pablo Schreiber) and Makee (Charlie Murphy) are transported to a kind of vision of the ring installation that fans will recognize as la aureola. It is the beginning of the culmination of the promise of the name of the franchise, and a great revelation that took six episodes to happen. However, according to our interview with Kane, the decision to have the revelation so far in the first season occurred in an organic way. speaking with aureola episode six, specifically, this episode had what could be said that it is the largest revelation of the series so far, the installation of the ring itself from which the franchise takes its name, Halo. Can you explain the decision when I was going to reveal Halo, something so fundamental for the games?

Steven Kane: happened organically. We were trying to find a way to build a link between John and Makee that did not seem hurried or forced. They begin, she thinks he is the demon, she is there to kill him. He doesn’t know her. Then, when he knows her, he doesn’t trust her. He wanted to find a way to make them relate, because they are very similar. In many ways they are orphans, adopted by people or creatures that use them, as we will see, as we learn more. We established that connection between them when he plays the artifact in Eridanus, and she is in Madrigal and feels it, so that was happening.

I thought we should leave them speechless and astonish us, and that it was necessary to find a way to convince them that, «wait a minute, we have to talk about this. This is something we have in common that is huge ».. Now I know that in the canon, all humans are to some extent reclaimers, but even within that, there are certain people who are more reclaimer than others, I suppose. It occurred to me, I said: «What happens yes, instead of just a connection that they feel physically, what happens if they both mentally teleports to this shared place and get a symbol of where this artifact calls them, and make them meet over there?, and fly your minds and fly our minds at the same time? “

Everything became very exciting and I came to mind as such a “that is how we should do it”, because there was this need as the season progresses so that certain things happen. I was trying to solve some problems of the plot and the characters, and everything joined at the same time, and I thought: «This is the time. They have been talking about that, hinting at it. What is this artifact? » Halsey says in this episode: «You don’t know what you are getting into. There are things… “And he says:” Tell me. What things? What do you know? ”And even she can’t express it. Because she doesn’t know only that, as she said in episode four, there is some kind of intelligence behind these things she wants to know, she wants to know. As a superintelligent human, she wants to meet the “superintelligent” intelligence of the galaxy.

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We have been building towards this, everyone talks about that and how dangerous it is for him to pursue this, but also how powerful it is. He really gathered many things at once. I thought it was a great advance of how Halo looks and what it can be, and becomes this driving force for John and Makee in the future, to discover what Halo means and what it means to them.

As noted above, the sixth episode of the aureola the television series, “Solace”, is now available to transmit in Paramount+ together with the rest of the series so far. The new episodes, in general, are launched on Thursdays. The series stars Pablo Schreiber as the master chief, Natascha Mcelhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as the voice of Cortana, Yerin has as Kwan Ha and more. You can consult all our previous coverage of the Aureola television program here. And you can capture Aureola directly in Paramount+ here.

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