[Weekly Trehan] “Legendary programs that have influenced FALL GUYS are also looking for contestants.” This is the treasure from April 24 to April 30, 2022!

From April 24, 2022, “ Weekly Treasure Hunt “, which introduces the game information and entertainment information you are worried about at once because you have missed it or the timing does not match. It is April 30th. It is a rough introduction, but I hope you find a treasure for everyone.

Permades Action RPG “HOLOMENTO” Steam early access starts

In order to solve the curse on the once peaceful land, we challenge automatic generation dungeons with various weapons such as swords, bow, guns and magic.

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Metroidvania ADV “Afterimage” Kickstarter campaign success

Both audio and subtitles will support Japanese.

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Bio -style inventory organized puzzle “Save Room -Organization Puzzle” Steam distribution started

Everything NEW Coming To Fall Guys SS1 | Fall News

Certainly, inventory arrangement is a puzzle.

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Turn Base WW2 Strategy “KLOTZEN! PANZER BATTLES” Steam distribution started

“Panzer General” will provide a classic game play experience to enthusiasts.

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Popular rogue light sequel “ROGUE LEGACY 2” official release

Delivered for Windows (Steam/Epic Games Store)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.

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Home Response Simulator “Change” DLC “The Living City Expansion” Started distribution

A large number of new elements such as new buildings and character care functions will be added.

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The 7th anniversary of the horror “P.T.” distribution by Director Kojima

It still remains on the PS4 body.

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Participate in “Super Noda Game WORLD” to Takahashi masters

Noda game is getting more and more amazing.

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Colorful action adventure “ARTO” game play trailer released

From pixel art to pop art, six worlds have their own themes, visuals and play styles.

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“Kingdom Come: Deliverance” is playable with Steam Deck

It is a great era to move that. A 70%off sale is also being implemented.

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