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Assassins Creed Valhalla has had a problem with Bully for over a year

“Bughalla” is not for no reason that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has to put up with. Because not only at the release in November 2020 the Viking adventure had to struggle with many bugs and other problems, the game does not always run smoothly in the second year after its appearance, as with the Ragnarök DLC.

Some of these problems, which run through the game permanently, have four hooves, fur and a powerful antlers on their head. The deer who are driving around in virtual England were already targeting Eivor. It was not uncommon for the wild animals to be attacked out of nowhere, which could not be blocked. And the fact that the game is still literally roaming through the country, a video of Redditor Shiny_Puffy_llama.

Caution before ” Flying Hirsch ” ‘

Well, Flying Hirsch is actually an alcoholic mixed drink, but the name also fits pretty well here. Because the video also deals with a drinking area and a deer that comes to a flown, as massive as he is in eggs and the others when she provokes with the words “You look like someone who looks like a kitten on his brew sucked. ” is asked to do a drinking duel: but see for yourself:

My Biggest Issue With Assassin's Creed Valhalla
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Bobber or anti-drinker? Of course we can also become victims of the wild deer in AC Valhalla. In the case of Shiny_Puffy_llama, however, one might think that the deer has something against drinking games or alcohol in general. Why else should he violate so aggressively over and over to the crowd and eggs – which, by the way, visibly unimpressed the challenges to drink from the attack?

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** Bug or intention? In the Reddit comments there is also talk that it is not a bug, but a feature, since the deer simply enables the protective behavior of the real role models, but most of them are out of an error.

However, they disagree whether this should be remedied. The opinions here fluctuate from “I attach great importance to killing everyone I see, only because of that.” to “I love the unintentionally hilarious moments.”

But what about you? Since you have also become a victim of the deer? Do you find the behavior rather amusing, or do you also mind? ** will be happy to write us your opinion in the comments