Animal crossing: new horizons

Puffpals combines the addiction potential of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley

Puffpals Island Skies: This name should be remembered by everyone that stands on sugar-sweet simulation games. The title of Fluffnest combines popular elements from Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, because you can stamp and grow a farm from the ground, but also has the option of interacting with your animal roommates. There is also a pinch of Zelda in puffpals: Skyward Sword, because the game world is distributed on several islands that float in the air.

This is how puffpals Island skies plays

The focus of the simulation is clearly on your small farm. Here you can weed, like in Harvest Moon and Co. Gras, dig the earth, spread out plant seeds and ultimately take a hopefully fat harvest – but be careful, some fruit or vegetables awakened and then accompanies you as a company.

By the way, the Creator of Stardew Valley has a new project in progress:

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Decoration and architecture are not neglected: Not only the anthropomorphic animals, of which the islands are inhabited, are reminiscent of Animal Crossing, but also the number of options for decorating and setting up. Regardless of whether you can live out your creativity in puffpals. Buy new items for your house and place them as you like so that your avatar has a cozy after work.

Speaking of avatar: Your figure can of course also adapt your wishes. Everything is possible from the face to the clothes to an unusual hair style. The different islands or ‘biomes’ also offer variety. In addition to your farm, you can explore other fantastic environments in which quests, collectibles and mini games such as fishing are waiting for you.

In the trailer you can admire the dreamy style of puffpals:

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Why Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley Are Perfect Quarantine Games

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When does puffpals appear?

The title is in progress for Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and PC. It will take a while before we can play it, because the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is currently running at the moment, which can still be supported until May 5. However, this works great for the team: Stand now the project is at $ 1,269,261. The minimum goal is only $ 75,000.

The final release of Puffpals Island Skies is planned for 2025.

Do you think puffpals have the stuff to the next animal crossing or Stardew Valley?