Webzen, take up the power of every single god! R2M new content update

Webzen adds new content to mobile MMORPG ‘R2M’ and starts a family month event.

Webzen will apply a new update to ‘R2M’ by checking on the 28th.

This update consists of content that helps to grow additional stats for high -level characters, such as adding “transcendental maternal”, balance modifications, and special dungeons.

First, ‘Transcendence Materials’ is added and the balance is adjusted. With the addition of a new measure, a new set effect is added and the existing set effect is also raised.

Webzen adds one new hero transformation and one rare transformation, and introduces a new legendary Servant ‘Self -Development’. ‘Senate God’ is a legendary grade servant created with the concept of four new trees in the Orient.

The special dungeon, the Tower of the Mattos, will also expand. Webzen added a new book of ‘Meteos’ Top 5F regional and related compensation items and ‘Meteos’ Rare outside. The 60 new equipment for the ‘Meteos Rare’ and 67 species of the book can be achieved more powerful.

Webzen also modified the hardcore quest progress. After the update, the hardcore quest can be performed only once per account, and the hardcore scroll item is not available for the first time. For the first time, when there is a character using hardcore scroll items, the character of another server is added to be linked to follow.

Meanwhile, Webzen will hold four in -game events in ‘R2M’ for the month of family month.

From April 28 to May 12, ‘Family Month Attendance Event’ and ‘Aldal Mission Mission Event’ will be held. If you attend for 10 days, you will receive a different reward every day, and you will receive up to 70 ‘Boxing Box’, which contains high -quality items such as ‘Rare Transformation Card’ and ‘Rare Servant Confirmation Card’ when the event mission is completed.

Subsequently, from May 12 to May 26, ‘My Family My Servant attendance event’ and ‘growth support mission event’ will be held. If you access the game for 10 days, you can get various ‘servant draw tickets’ and ‘Soul Stone’, and if you participate in the event mission, you can get various items such as the Legendary Servant Summon Order Box.

Webzen will continue to add various contents and events to encourage the active game of R2M members.