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Super Magbot Review – Magnetic Madness

Super Magbot Nintendo Switch Review | Think Super Meat Boy With Magnets!

Super Magbot Exam

What is a platform game? Jumping from one platform to another to reach the final goal, is not it? Well, Super Magbot removes a key ingredient from the expected formula, polarizing the game compared to his counterparts. Yes, in Super Magbot you can not jump but do not worry, with the magnetic fields, you can always take your flight.

While a malefic force slowly crosses the galaxy, the inhabitants of Magtek need a hero. With the ability to control magnetic polarity, Magbot will have to cross environments filled with obstacles to save the Magnetia system. Although it is not an original story, it is simply a premise to accompany difficult levels of platform.

The similarities with the incredible Super Meat Boy are instantly visible. The levels contain a multitude of dangers that you must avoid to complete the level. However, differentiating is the use of magnetic repulsion and attraction. Blue and red panels are dotted in all areas allowing the protagonist to get closer or move away from objects. With a complete 360 degree check, you simply point to the panel of your choice and press the same color trigger to repel or reverse to attract. Although it is perfectly implemented, it’s hard to change your brain to think about how the game requires it.

It is imperative to plan in advance and you will surprise yourself to memorizing color sequences for each step. Similar to games like Celeste, each zone is small but contains many dangers that will eventually lead to death. Recharge instantly and attempt steps several times is an addictive loop that will keep you hooked. The breathtaking magnetic mechanic never really became a second nature for me and I found myself to have to think actively and find itineraries. Although this has added a puzzle element to the game, it stifled the rhythm of the size levels of a bite.

Each scene and every world rely on mechanisms adding variety. For example, a world includes bubbles that allow you to stay in the air for a moment and another has a fire that burns the platforms, forcing the player to play at a particular pace. The methodical introduction of new gameplay elements by Astral Pixel is excellent and helps to make each exciting level. Due to the difficulty of going slowly after each level, there is a huge feeling of relief and success after completing an area on which you were blocked. However, you can simply skip a level and return to a later date, because three levels are available at any time. In addition, there are help options to help players who really have trouble. An option gives you control points that can be extremely useful for longer boss battles. Another will give you an infinite antenna time, which means you will not need to land on a platform to recharge your capabilities.

At the highest point of each world is the battle of Boss. These are my favorite parts because not only do they test your skills, but they also vary considerably from each other. Whether you are prosecuted in an environment or you avoid attacks in a closed arena, each full screen combat is a joy. After completing a world, you also have access to broken levels that will challenge even the most qualified players. With stars fragments at each level and the best time scores, Super Magbot is full of content to keep you in breath for hours!

Although Super Magbot’s Pixel Art style works, it does not do anything to separate from its influences. The characters, environments and dangers all look remarkably at previous games. With such a unique mechanics, I would have loved to see something more original with the visuals while maintaining a retro aesthetic. In terms of audio, Chiptune extravagance is delicious. Not only does it remind the classics of the genre, but the catchy melodies are also suitable for the futuristic framework of the game.

Super Magbot is a fun game, but sometimes frustrating. Adjusting your brain to think differently is difficult and even until the final boss, the base mechanic never seemed natural. However, the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a difficult step is priceless. For players looking for a unique and stimulating approach of the kind of platform, then Super Magbot is really worth the detour.

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