Riot lifts the veil on fade, new agent for enhancing

It was on the occasion of the Valor’s Masters Reykjavík that stood yesterday that Riot Games has formalized the arrival of Fade, new agent for enhancing. It will join the battle in the course of the week, within the framework of episode 4 Act 3.

Tarik New Agent Fade Cinematic Reaction

Although the Identity of Fade was already fleeing a few days ago, this formalization was an opportunity to discover a first video of gamepay unveiling the characteristics of this new character. Like the Darkness hero, Fade master a nightmarish shadow that accompanies her in combat and can melt on her enemies in different ways.

One of his power allows him for example to project a soil orb which, after exploding, will attract the nearby players at its center and store them briefly. An orb that can also turn into a scout and reveal the position of the opponents or take one of them hunting. Finally, as usual, the combat pass of episode 4 Act 3 will also be accompanied by a lot of new rewards, free as paying.


Improorant – Fade Trailer


Improorant – Fade Gameplay Trailer