Efficient FCA benefits from Bochums dropouts

VfL coach Thomas Rice, which was missed red-slip and represented by co-coach Markus Gellhaus, took four changes compared to the 0: 3 in Freiburg: Rexhbecaj, Osterhage, Holtmann and Zoller started for Stafylidis (Rotsperre), Pantovic, Lions and Polter (all bank).

Augsburg’s Coach Markus Weinzierl rotated after the 0: 1 in the basement duel against Hertha on three positions: Gruezo, Caligiuri and Vargas replaced Maier, Pedersen and Finnbogason (all bank).

It developed from the beginning to the expected game. Both teams wanted to avoid mistakes and tried with high as well as long passports – the focus was on the second balls. The households often came across the right side in the initial phase. The most dangerous scene of the initial phase was therefore created after a flank of Gamboa, but it was a little too long for Asano (5.).

Leitsch’s dropout allows the FCA guidance

Although the Bochum had more game shares, the hosts came after a suspension of Leitsch in arrears: The header of the center-back to Riemann was too short, so cock sprinted and the Fuggerstädter introduced leadership (15th).

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In the episode, the guests moved deep into their own half and left the VfL the ball. The hosts fell against the narrow defensive little one – the Augsburger blocked all closing tests, so that Bochum did not take a single score in the first half.

Gregoritsch increases from the point before the break

Shortly before the break it became even bitter for the team from the Ruhr area: after an unnecessary foul of Danilo Soares to Caliguiri, who was already on the way to leave the penalty area, referee Bastian a thanked to the point. Gregoritsch transformed safely to 2: 0 pause guide (43.).

In the second half, the game tied seamlessly at the first passage. With increasing season, it was always certified because the game was often interrupted by many fouls. Although Co-Trainer Gellhaus reacted to the lack of formation with a triple change (57.) – but this also showed no effect.

Gikiewicz parries a free-kick of Lions

Only in the final phase Gikiewicz had to intervene seriously: Löwen’s direct free kick fished the final person from the angle (79th) – but that should remain the only VFL door approach in the final phase. Since Caligiuri failed at a counterattack at Riemann and subsequently awarded the Lechtechner, it was the 2-0.

While the vineyar eleven built by victory a small upholstery on the relegation point, the Bochumer missed the premature league in the home game.

For both teams, the next Saturday continues at 3:30 pm: Bochum is a guest at the BVB, the Augsburg welcome Cologne.