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Last year, Mobile Game Puzzle Genre sales 6 trillion won. Candy Crush Saga 16%

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Last year, North American Mobile Puzzle game sales have recorded $ 5 billion.

According to the Market Research Sensor Tower, a puzzle genre mobile game in North America (March 31, 2022) is $ 5 billion (about 6,215 billion won (about 6 trillion won) I was counted as a circle. The puzzle genre mobile game, which has raised the most sales, was counted to earn $ 845.5 million (about 1.5 billion won) with King ‘Candy Crush Saga’. The second place was the ‘Dream House’ of the Bolix, and the third place, the King’s ‘Candy Crush Soda’ occupied.

Last year, download of puzzle genre mobile games was counted as 554 million. This is reduced close to 20% YoY. The sensor tower is said to be due to the rapid increase in installation triggered in the 19th and 19th fashion and regional closing of Corona in 2020.

Among the puzzle categories, ‘Match 3’ puzzles were ranked first in sales, and $ 1.6 billion (about 1.989.6 billion won), which increased 12.3% YoY. The tile explosion, puzzle & decoration was behind.

The puzzle genre in the US market is a slowdown in the previous year and the sensor tower was diagnosed. However, the new success story continues to occur while the fierce competition is continuing.