EU, Google & Meta catch supercentage regulation

The European Union (EU) exceeded the last figures of the enactment of law that gives majorly responsibilities for illegal content crackdowns to Giant Platform operators such as Google and Meta.

The European Parliament and the EU Member States agreed to the Digital Service Act on the 23rd, and CNBC, including the CNBC, reportedly reportedly.

The Digital Service Act focuses on online brokerage operators to respond more quickly to illegal contents. In addition, when deleting illegal content, users to provide more transparent related information to users.

The Uruura Phon Dairy Employment Committee (EC) Chairman said, “The Digital Service Act will upgrade the rules that apply to all online services in the EU”, “said the” Online Environmental Environmental Expression ” We emphasized that they will be a safer space while providing digital business opportunities. “

He added, the larger the scale, the larger the larger responsibility, “he added.

■ When violations, maximum annual revenue can be paid to 6%

The Digital Service Act specifies the sales of 6.5 billion euros, more than 45 million users, and the platforms used in more than 45 million, and the Gatekeeper (door), and performs powerful regulations for them.

Therefore, the main regulatory subjects of this law are US Giant Platform operators such as Google, Meta, Amazon.

One of the core of the Digital Service Act is the online target advertising regulation of large platform operators. When this method is fermented, the act of providing target advertisement is prohibited by the algorithm using information such as the user, religion, and race of the user.

Target advertisements for children are also illegal.

The illegal content of the platform operators is further enhanced. As a result, Giant platform operators such as Google and Meta must quickly provide illegal content processing procedures, including disgusting statements, terrorism, and childhood abuse.

In addition, e-commerce marketplace, such as Amazon, will have a duty to intermittently for illegal product sales.

If you violate the Digital Service Act, you will receive a penalty of 6% of the maximum global annual sales. CNBC said, “If the meta violates the digital service law, we could receive a penalty of up to $ 7 billion based on sales in 2021.”