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Such from The Borderlands 2 is already official and we tell you its first details

If you like the world of Borderlands, the crazy license of Gearbox Software, we have good news. The company has just announced the arrival, this year, of a new such from the Borderlands . An ad that says a lot, and we tell you everything!

Hope revive

For some years, there have been rumors that Gearbox would be developing a new from the Borderlands. The first work of the license, launched in 2014 and developed by Telltale Games, it was a great success.

Then… Boom! TELLTALE Bankruptcy. The company’s narrative games were mostly abandoned until… a desperate acquisition that gave its successful productions a new life opportunity. This is particularly the case of the license The Wolf Among US , which after 10 years of absence, will return in 2023. Such from The Borderlands also revives and even develops in Nintendo Switch.

Until then, the license fans expected impatiently an official advertisement of the company , with the hope that these rumors would come true and that a second work was on their way. So they were right to believe it.

Indeed, such from the Borderlands 2 has been announced, Randy Pitchford Gearbox CEO, at the close of Pax East. The founder of the company revealed a lot of information about the project, specifying that much more information will come this summer.

A next work that, therefore, will be produced by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. So I do not know mention to Telltale Games For what we understand that they are not involved in the project.

At the moment, we know very little about the plot or atmosphere of this next game of such from the Borderlands. Fortunately, a first image published on Twitter gives us some tracks .

We see two people and what could be a robot, under a bow, similar to the way we see in the mask of Psycho in the Borderlands license games. These are just conjectures and the study spoke _ “a new adventure, new characters, new stories” _. Therefore, we will find in this second work A new universe !

The beginnings of Borderlands 4?

Here is an interesting theory. In fact, the first delivery of the license Tales from The Borderlands presented completely new characters that later appeared in Borderlands 3, released in 2019.

Who knows? It may be possible to find the protagonists of the upcoming such from the Borderlands in a future Borderlands 4. After all, they are all linked.

Borderlands 2 - Doomsday Trailer

Meanwhile, we are already sure that the game will be launched in 2022 and that will be revealed more details (why not a trailer?) This summer. We do not see the time to immerse ourselves in the eccentric world of Borderlands!