Zombie “side” large group action “They ARE coming!” May 20 to release. Sometimes I will give a human brain with World War II, led a flock

Publisher’s Freedom Games announced on April 16th, “ they are coming! ” to be released on May 20, May 20. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

“They are coming!” Is a ladder-shaped action game that manipulates the zombie’s crowd. The stage is the Ardenne region in Europe in 1944, in World War II. The German army driven by the Allied Forces leads the presence of “Wonder Waffe” as a secret weapon. It was a blood hungry zombie. Players eat the brain of various people who meet in the same ray or Nazi, and the way, and expand the flock of zombies. Became a great crowd and attacks people more and more.

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Of course, humans should not be eaten silently. Sometimes I try to retire zombies using a large number of war weapons, such as machine guns and kitten guns, tanks. The player is basically overwhelming the other party with a number of power while receiving these attacks. A large amount of zombies will be rusted and will aim to expand further flocks. Sometimes you can get power-up. It seems that you can benefit from various benefits such as raising the movement speed of the flock for 10 seconds. Also, according to the screenshot that has been published, zombies can also evolve by DNA. Growth factors appear to be provided, such as acquiring resistance to flames.

Various locations appear as stages. Various places are waiting for various places such as open plains and white stained snow areas, cars and helicopters. Such stages also have hidden secrets and challenges. Not only expanding the flock, but also to explore it is one of the games. At the end of the stage, scores such as a score according to the time bonus and area search level can be achieved by capture. Let’s eat as many people as possible and create a group of zombies that overwhelms everything.

Developer’s 6-MONTH INITIATIVE for developing “They ARE COMING!” So far, we launched the Main Sweeper “WAR Mines” series, which was the stage of World War I and World War II. In addition, as a title under development, “Farming Sweeper” combining mine sweepers and agricultural shims is produced. “They are coming!” As a new approach, it seems to challenge the crowd action.

“They are coming!” Is scheduled to be released at Steam / Epic Games Store for May 20, May 20.