Resident Evil 4: a sublime fan The Capcom game with Unreal Engine 4

Resident Evil 4 in Unreal Engine 4 The village (Fan-made)
Fruit of an exclusive agreement between Capcom and Nintendo, Resident Evil 4 marks a break in the philosophy of the license born on PlayStation. Temporarily dedicated to Gamecube, the adventure revolutionizes the gameplay of yesteryear by integrating real-time 3D decorations and a third person view, camera on the shoulder. More action than his predecessors, the game displays a hallucinating realization and the impact is such that it will give several tracks, a few years later, to the developers of the Gears of War franchise. A timeless hit, a real slap of the PS2 / GameCube / Xbox generation, to which a fan has decided to pay tribute.


Daniel Siemieniaco, Artist and 3D modeler, has indeed created a Fan remake of the Laboratory Overview in Resident Evil 4. For that, he used the tools of UNREAL Engine 4 to recreate a section of the building visited by Leon S. Kennedy. Then recreate the atmosphere of the resident Evil Village and Resident Evil VII, he opted for a subjective view instead of the camera on the shoulder. The rendering is particularly successful and gives an idea of the trajectory that Capcom’s developers if, a day, a remake is announced.

an amazing atmosphere

Thanks to the effects of light and an important work done on the environment, Daniel Siemieniaco manages to recreate a fairly crazy atmosphere. From the beginning in the boiler room, we are seized by the quality brought to the different elements (the ventilation sheath, ceiling fan, neon to the tired light bulb…). The sounds reinforce the immersion and allow enjoy photorealism of objects. This is all the more true when the demo reveals the details of the office (computer, keyboard, documents, pharmaceutical elements, cupboards, incubator…). The demo lasts only 4 minutes 30, but the whole makes you want. Cape Capcom, a small remorse for the road?


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