Mahôtsukai No Yoru: The Visual Novel of Kinoko Nasu will be located in English

You can talk about a real small event in the world of Visual Novel: Aniplex and Type-Moon confirmed that Mahostukai No Yoru Playstation 4 and Switch versions will be available in English in addition to Japanese and Chinese.

The press release does not clarify if the game will be distributed all over the world where if this English location will simply be part of the options in the Japanese version of the game, but it will be available in December 2022 in the archipelago. It is important to remember that a work of Kinoko Nasu will be officially translated into English, which is already rare enough, but this attention is largely within the reach of Aniplex, as a subsidiary reminder of Sony. In addition to this modernization on PS4 and Switch, the Kinoko Nasu game will be adapted in animated film by the UfoTable studio, a sign that type-moon and aniplex are particularly motivated to make us discover this founding story of the nasuversse.

Released just 10 years ago in Japan on PC, even though Kinoko Nasu originally wrote the story as an amateur auditor in 1996, Mahôtsukai No Yoru is less known at home than Fate / Stay Night and Its descendants, or even that Tsukihime: a piece of blue glass moon, of which you can at least embody the characters in the combat game Melty Blood: Lumina type. MAHOYO, of its small name, is a pure and hard narrative without any choice or special branch, in any case in the original version. The expected remake in December will be entitled to full dubbing in Japanese and a graphical modernization in HD.

Kinoko Nasu and the Art of Character Subtlety

The game tells the story of Aozaki Aoko, a young woman from a magician line. Aoko must take back the family torch and learns the witchcraft with his roommate taciturn, Kuonji Alice, but his habits will be disturbed by the arrival of Shizuki Sôjûrô, a young boy coming from the countryside. And like everything joins, Aoko is also a playable character of Melty Blood: Lumina type . Side dubbing, the gratin will obviously be from the part with Example Haruka Tomatsu in the role of Aoko (Asuna in sword art online) and Yûsuke Kobayashi in that of Sôjûrô (Subaru in re: Zero).