Dead by Daylight players get free rewards just by playing

If you have been close to the day, for a while, you have not been alien to the numerous gifts and limited time events that the game offers from time to time. Many of them revolve around Bloodpoints, the currency used in the game to buy different Bloodwebs resources corresponding to different survivors and murderers, and this last event does the same when providing the most bloodpoint players once again. It will be available during the next few days and players will be able to acquire a total of 500 000 blood points just by logging into the game to play.

Bevern in the light of day The Developer Behavior Interactive announced the login rewards earlier this week when they started on April 14. That means that if you arrive a little late to the party, you will have lost two days of bloodpoints. Get 300 000 blood points is not as good as getting 500,000, but it is better to get 0, so if you simply log in at the day’s light today, tomorrow and Monday, you will easily ensure your free blood points.

Why is the Dead by Daylight Player Count Dropping?

Depending on the text of the tweet then along with the image, it seems that Behavior is linking this with a kind of Easter event, even if it was not specified on the Tweet. As we mentioned earlier, however, _yport in the light of day, it really does not need a reason to give blood points, as it does it quite often. Many of these Bloodpoint gifts are linked to limited time events that generally only encourage players to rise and play, but sometimes they are connected to larger projects, as well as pairing tests that they recently ended.

Behavior also frequently delivers codes so that players can exchange them in the game. Some of these codes give cosmetics to players, while others grant the most premium Auric Celsmine currency, but most of the time, they will give them Bloodpoints to the players. A pair of codes were added to the daylight at the light of the day recently when it was renewed to give the players a reason to look through all their new bells and whistles. It seems that those codes are no longer present on the site itself, but they were still recorded previously if you want to try your luck with them to see if they still work.