Devs Sisters, Global Cookie Run Store Open … 72% overseas

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[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jong-il) announced that the subsidiary Mai Cookie Run (joint representative laborer, Nanno Joon) announced on the 15th that it opened the Global Cookie Run Store.

Mai Cookie Run launched last May, based on the opinions of domestic and foreign cookie run fans ▲ Giving a variety of products to customers around the world ▲ Goods Store ▲ Giving a new pleasure of more than a game I have designed a new space made up of a community.

The company predicted the launch of the Global Cookie Run Store, which reflects the needs of overseas customers who want new Goodies and overseas delivery of new Goodies and overseas shipping in the first step in the first step.

The cookie runstore has not been open 24 hours, and the number of trailing characters over 160,000 is not available, and the proportion of overseas users has occupied more than 72%.

The company plans to gradually expand the contents and services that can experience the Cookie Run Store, and at the same time, the form and scale and operational strategy are gradually expanded.

Global shipping was also expanded to 200 countries around the world. In addition, we will apply for English and Japanese, and then apply for a Taiwanese (traditional), and gradually increase the support language.

There were only 30 ordinary Goods to meet only in the Cookie Run Store. ‘Cookie Run Brick Collection: Cookie Run Brick Collection: Kingdom Cookie’ from 2009 from 2009 to the present ‘Collector Cookie’ series, a busy day, The new product has been released to the ‘home baking collection’ of riving items. In addition, ‘Cookie Runs: Kingdom Art Book’, which was sold for more than 164,000 last year, was also reissued by single.