The DC Blackhawks screenwriter updates the status of a movie that would lead Steven Spielberg

The idea that weather. Now, the writer David Koepp that is being commissioned in these moments of writing the script of said film, hweather shared new information about the project.

Steven Spielberg is very interested

Blackhawk Writer Gives Update on DC Film, Steven Spielberg’s Involvement
“We have a script that is very good ; We all thought it is very good. There were many management changes in Warner Bros., so I think we’ve been waiting for him to calm down and what they decide what they want to do with their DC Universe. Obviously I hope you do it or if it does not run it, I hope it takes it, that someone hweather a great 1. Because it would be very fun. I really like the script and I hope it goes well, “says Koepp about the involvement of Spielberg.

On the relationship with the current DC Universe and the possibility of Cameos with current characters, “no, and it would be difficult because we are in 1941 or 1940, actually. So would be a bit complicated . While we developed the script, we said: ‘Hey, let’s make a great movie. It’s 1940, that’s how things are ‘. And if it goes well and in the future they decide that they want to unite anyone, surely traveling in time will not be a problem. Because comics have an excellent way to solve those things, “concludes the scriptwriter.

The squadron Blackhawk is a group of pilots who fought during the Second World War that debuted at Military Comics # 1 in summer of 1941 and that later became part of DC Comics through of different versions. DC and Warner Bros. recently presented a new premiere calendar from their next films, with a widespread delay ** between 2022 and 2023.