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After a great steam success: survival

The subnautica series has the fans so far mainly with a fascinating underwater world and the many possibilities tied up. Now another game is planned and the developer is currently looking for employees to workers. A first indication of the upcoming game.

Subnautica: job advertisement reveals a lot to the game

Unknown Worlds plans a new subnautica game. This told the developer on Twitter and at the same time announces to seek employees to work on the game. Thanks to the job descriptions you get already an approximate picture of what the game should make .

An example is a searched senior narrative designer who

“Closing closely with the team, to tell captivating, dramatic stories in the context of the gaming experience . At the same time, he will define history and knowledge about a new science fiction world and their extraterrestrial residents. “

He should also be familiar with

Steam - 1,000,000 Achievement, 1,000 Perfect Game, 100% AGC Milestone

Open World Games and the process of developing a narrative in the context of an open, player-controlled experience.”

Furthermore, the upcoming designer should

“Experienced skills in creative writing, especially in the areas action, character development and dialogue “.

(Sources: Twitter / Unknown Worlds)

So it seems that the coming subnautica game would get both a open game world as well as a sophisticated story . So far, the players were largely left to themselves. Maybe one or the other mystery is solved with a comprehensive Lore.


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Marina Hänsel

Subnautica 2: When will the game appear?

So far, there is no known time window. Since the team still has to form and the project is at the very beginning, is not expected with the game before 2025 . Probably, however, that owners of the Xbox Game Pass will get the game available in the subscription – this is the case at least in the two current games of the Subnautica series.

_Whas can you play until then? The April offers great possibilities: _

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