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Ubisoft should recycle the failed hyper scape for new shooters

According to sources of the well-known Leakers Tom Henderson, Ubisoft is expected to be the next shooter project in development. Under the “PathFinder” work title, a new Battle Royale approach to a mix of PVP and PVE should be developed, according to reports, it should be graphically strongly reminiscent of the Hyper Scape.

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“Pathfinder”: New shooter of ubisoft

According to a report by the Leaker Tom Henderson Ubisoft is to work on a new shooter. Henderson relies on three sources held in his report and has seen both pictures and videos according to their own statements. (Source: Expert). The magazine PC Gamer also indicates to have received a confirmation of “Pathfinder” from a source. (Source: PC Gamer).

According to Henderson, the optical similarity to another ubisoft game. For the Battle Royale Try with the name Hyper Scape , the servers will be switched off this month. (Source: Ubisoft).


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New Battle Royale with PVP and PVE

“Pathfinder” is a third-person shooter and actually tries a slightly different approach than the classic Battle Royale. In Vierer teams Players and players are supposed to do a boss in the middle of the card . On the way there, you have to pass through two walls whose doors are at a different location in each match. On the way to the middle, the teams must then do more Ki opponents , thereby becoming stronger. However, other teams have this task, which causes the mix of PVE and PVP to come.

The characters are referred to as “heroes” and have unique skills. There is a “social hub” , the Henderson compares to the tower of Destiny. There is a shooting range, shops, an event area and the possibility to drive with vehicles race against others from the community.

The “Pathfinder” project should be in a very early development stage . All previous information is neither confirmed by Ubisoft nor refuted and are based solely on the sources of Tom Henderson. It seems that Ubisoft recycles some parts of the failed Hyper Scape, but in a completely different direction with the game.