Tomb Raider: Rumor: Part 1 could be reissued as a remake

New Tomb Raider Game Developed on Unreal Engine 5 Announced - IGN Daily Fix
Only a few hours after became known that Crystal Dynamics will develop the next Tomb Raider in the Unreal Engine 5, the new logo of the franchise was also revealed.
And this now states speculation that the latest offshoot of the series could be a remake of the first part.
The similarity to the original logo is a striking.
On the official Twitter page, an overworked artwork to Tomb Raider 1 is shown as cover image.

You may be curious where the journey will lead.
Finally, it would not be the first remake of the original game.
Already in 2007, Tomb Raider: Anniversary launched a revised version of the game of 1996.