The career movie mode allows you to beat the game without pressing a button

Until dawn, the Supermassive Games studio likes to blur the lines between games, interactive films and movies straight with its titles, and its next experience The Quarry seems to go even further. The movie mode is selectable in the main menu, which, as its name suggests, allows you to sit and watch the game start at the end without ever pressing a button. You can set some settings, then relax while everything runs on the screen.

Detailed in a new video IGN FIRST, the movie mode is just below the New Game option in the main menu. It presents some options – “Everyone lives” and “everyone dies” are two that you can select quickly – but there is also the director’s chair. From there, you can browse all the playable characters of the game and dictate their personality and their reactions to specific situations. The video above shows how you can choose between Laura Adept, erratic or clumsy under pressure. The same goes for Ryan, Nick and Caitlin. You can change these settings for the nine characters in the story.

There is also the opportunity to randomize all these options so that you never really know how someone will react at the moment. You can actually transform The Quarry into your own controllable film at this point, and it will be launched on PlayStation 5 and PS4 on June 10, 2022. Will you use this option, perhaps as second reading? Share your opinion in the comments below.