New game of the Until Dawn

With The Quarry will be published in June 2022 the new horror game of Supermassive Games, the creators of Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures series. After there is already plenty of gameplay this week, an interesting mode has now been revealed, which allows us to quit the game without even pressing a button. We tell you how it works. (via IGN)

In the quarry, the controller is superfluous

The Quarry? Never heard! “: So that all are in the boat, initially a short look at the game, which is equal to its spiritual ancestor unstil Dawn a cinematic action adventure and also in history on familiar sets: It’s about a group of teenagers, over the gray breaking after a long party night. Who survives and who does not depend on our decisions.

And where we are just on the subject of decisions, in the so-called Movie Mode we can meet those already before starting history and then put the controller out of hand. Simon Cardy from IGN writes the following:

In Movie Mode, we can determine the behavior of all nine characters before starting history and then watch what impact our decisions have.

The Movie Mode in detail: Cardy describes that we have the choice, among other things, whether the respective teenager is more mindful or self-confident, polite or distanced. The setting options before the start of the game should be numerous. If we have defined the characteristics, the quarry starts and until (bitter) end is no longer necessary to a button.

By the way, you can watch the first 30 minutes of the game in the video:

The new mode is certainly an interesting approach. However, how fun is the whole thing in practice, however, strongly depends on how many information we get to the figures or whether the whole thing does not sell in Pures Trial and Error. To release on June 10 on PS4 / PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC you will learn from us.

The Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K

Everything important about The Quarry in the game-Preview

To reveal the Quarry, Colleague and Horrorexpertin Samara has gathered everything important to the game for you. In its preview based on an interview with SuperMassive, you learn more about the history of the ominous summer camp excursion, which expects you in terms of gameplay everything, as it looks for accessibility settings and also what the differences to the Dark Pictures series lie.

What do you mean, the new movie fashion can become interesting or have you so some concerns what the implementation is concerned?