League of Legends Patch 12.7 should continue to weaken ZERI before MSI

The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational is getting closer, and as developer Riot Games has fitted the competition meta before the annual competition last year before the annual competition, he also adapts the numbers of several champions and items before players returning to Iceland this year.

The first of these MSI patches, lol-patch 12.7, not only focuses on griping some of the more dominant meta-picks, but seems to add something “some new ones we have not seen yet” says Associate Game Designer Tim, Truexy ‘Jiang.

According to the extended 12.7 preview, Lillia, Kalista and Wukong are examples of too little used picks in the professional game that preserves some love. Arise, Yasuo and Yone Mains, as the heavy siblings with the new patch also get buffs.

You can see the complete list of changes below Tweet.

Complete preview on patch 12.7! Some spicy buffs (Wukong?!?) And some smears on some strong items / runes pic.twitter.com/zc37kkhuxs

  • Tim (@thetruexy) 5. April 2022

The most significant champion change in this patch are more Nerfs for Zeri. The latest shooter who decorates the game was a threat to the crack this season and led to changes.

Zeri The Carry is still very * checked notes * strong in the professional game…

The Nerfs meet all builds, but should damage Bruiser more than Crit. We make the Ult stack slower and more consistent, no more 2x-5x stacks when a grouped team is hit, but they receive double stacks in critical hits! pic.twitter.com/74xqnje8ro

  • August (@Riotaugust) 5. April 2022

NEW PATCH 12.7 Preview: Zeri Changes + Moonstone Nerfs & More - League of Legends

This last round looks like she would weaken her pretty much poor early game as well as her general force throughout the game. It will at least win additional health per level as well as an interaction with CRIT on your (q) Burst Fire – an indication that it is pushed into a more traditional position as protecting on the lower lane.

The MSI of 2021 was played on Lol patch 11.9, so we could still face a few patches before the players of the top teams of each participating region enter the stage. The restructuring last year brought Lee Sin to the Supreme Lane, while Morgana and Rumble were mainly supported in the Jungle. Hopefully we will see many as sharp picks this time, which find your way not only in the pro-meta, but also in the meta of the LOL ranks.