Abandoned developer Absolutely not proud of application PS5

The developer of bandonedo has declared that it is not proud of the PS5 application that launched last summer. Abandoned has been a long roller coaster of emotions since your ad. When it was revealed, it was an independently normal independent terror game about someone stranded in the forest, but then things were rare. People began to devise wild conspiracy theories that suggested abandado, it was actually a new secret game of Hideo Kojima, maybe Konami recruited this developer to make a new Silent Hill, and much more. The whole story of the game is quite exhausting, especially compared to how little we know about the story or mechanics of the game itself, but everything led to a great event. In August, the Developer Blue Box Game Studios launched an application for PS5 that would present the first real glance to _bandonado in real time. Unfortunately, it was just a 5 second short video of a man walking down a hallway with a text message that told the fanatics who were attentive to the real.

Months later, there is nothing to really show. People began to speculate that he was canceled, but Blue Box recently denied him and his founder, Hasan Kahraman, has been spinning and doing interviews. During an interview with the podcast Sacred Symbols, Kahraman said that he is not “absolutely proud” of how the application was and affirmed that it is “a pity” that they could not update it with the content they promised. However, there is no clear schedule about when or how it will be updated. It is expected to launch a playable prologue paid at some time in the future, but it is not clear when.

Although Kahraman has expressed the disappointment of him with the application, it is difficult to see how he could not have seen how it would be wrong. Nobody expected the application until it was announced, then, why Blue Box did not take his time to work on her before saying something? door? Once again, the story of bandoned becomes more strange and confusing.

Abandoned - Blue Box Game Studios Developer Interview

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