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Lost Ark gets a roadmap for April and May. In a current blog entry, the developers of SmileGate RPG and Amazon explain to want to focus on “horizontal content” in the near future, which demonstrate the players clear ways to progress. “More players should get enough time to reach the endgame before the Legion Raids (the final Lost Ark Schlachtuggerlebnis) are introduced. It should be ensured that players are able to explore Arkesia and ride in their own pace, Without feeling the pressure to achieve the endgame content as soon as possible, “the developers share.

That’s scheduled for April

With the April-Update the lance carrier comes as a new martial artist class in the MMORPG. The fighter combines the spear with her gleve and shares heavy attacks on the battlefield. It has the skills focus and storm. “The shorter spear is used to unleash a mad bombardment in storming, while the longer Gleve is released in focusing graceful lethal strokes and powerful attacks,” the developers write.

Also new in the western version in April: the continent southern. The settlers served the technology of other peoples to provide the once bare land with plenty of water and green pastures. It is in your task to find out what has become of the peaceful continent. New secrets, characters and quests are waiting for you. For the current month, the developers also announce new login rewards, Ingame events, skins and shop updates. In addition, a Feiton PowerPass , which you receive the equipment of the Item Level 960.

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