Fall Flat announces a new laboratory level and celebrates more than 30 million sold units

Human: Fall Flat currently celebrates several different milestones, starting with the 5th anniversary of the game. It’s true, this fun and original physical platform game gave players around the world a sandbox to run, jump, climb and Fall flat belly for 5 whole years. Time flies.

The game has taken another important step at the same time – No Brakes Games and Curve Digital are delighted to announce that Human: Fall Flat has now reached more than 30 million units sold. It’s pretty great, and the timing means they can combine this celebration with the celebration of the 5th anniversary and the announcement of the next level of Human: Fall Flat, Laboratory.

The developers also shared a short trailer of nearly 2 minutes who focuses on the human community: Fall Flat which meets to celebrate his 5th birthday. In the video, several streamers, including Tyler ‘Gotcha’ ehninger, Sam Tabor, Li Yi, Windgrin and Steve, Ash and Brandon of GVG, come together to talk about what Human: Fall Flat means for them. Needless to say, the video is full of small cute people who run, have fun and fall.

The laboratory level later arrives this summer. Created by “Bule”, the winner of the Fantastic Machines contest, Laboratory will place the players in a secret laboratory and allow them to play with the forces of physics, which promises very entertaining puzzles on the theme of magnetism and electricity.

New community skins will soon come out soon: the jester, the wrestler and the painter. These are the first 3 winners of the recent “Dress to Impress” competition – the other 7 will come out by the end of the year.

“We could not be happier to reach this incredible step,” said Tomas Sakalauskas, CEO and founder of No Brakes Games and Creator of Human: Fall Flat. “Five years ago, Human Fall Flat was launched for the first time on PC with eight physics-based puzzle levels, and now our game is available worldwide on PC, mobile and consoles platforms, Includes 17 (soon 18!) More than 30 million copies – we really can not believe how much we have traveled.

Human: Fall Flat is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Human: Fall Flat - Laboratory level walkthrough

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