Eastward announces location in Spanish and a physical edition for Nintendo Switch

Eastward, The adventure RPG developed by Pixpil , has announced a physical edition for Nintendo Switch that will come accompanied by your next location to Spanish. However, and despite the joint publication, since the study they have already clarified that all those who already have a copy in digital format will be able to access for free to the update that will contain the translated texts. As indicated in the promotional image, the physical version of the game will be in charge of IAM8BIT and will be accompanied by a set of stickers. A second version for collectors, also available on the IAM8bit website, will have a copy of the vinyl soundtrack and the title-inspired board game.

Eastward Japanese Collector's Edition Unboxing (Nintendo Switch)

Launched last September 16 on Chucklefish PC and Switch, Eastward is ambient in a postpocalptic world in which a lethal toxin has left humanity on the verge of disappearance. The protagonist is John, a miner who will unite forces with Sam, a strange girl with supernatural powers, on a journey by escaping a tyranic underground society. On board an old railway, we can discover very different rural villages and villages, facing all kinds of monsters and resolve puzzles to find secret routes. Thanks to John’s hobby for cooking, the food will be a central element in the plot and collecting good quality ingredients will be key to learning more about the cultures that surround us. «Escape from the Tyranian Claws of the Potcrock Subway Society and join the atypical duo of protagonists of Eastward in a fascinating adventure towards the outside world! Discover as beautiful as strangers and make new friends while traveling the world by train, “we read in the official description.

Announced in April 2018 and scheduled at first by 2020, the development of Eastward was deeply impacted by the pandemic, with its responsible losing access to its server because of the electrical cuts derived from the measures against the COVID interposed in Shanghai After announcing a one-year delay in the launch, the official premiere spent quite unnoticed for the public despite their good reviews.