New world

“Division 2” new additional content recapture nuclear power plant-fortunately overlapping world affairs

Ubai Issop has announced the content to be added to the Test Server of “ Division 2 “. However, the content seems to have overlapped with the real world situation.

It is the content to be added in season 9, but this time there is an announcement in the opening of PTS (Test Server). New game mode, “Countdown” is added.

The Division 2: COOLING TOWER! New COUNTDOWN Game Mode Objective GAMEPLAY! PTS!
The “Countdown” mode is an end content mode of up to 8 players. While the time limit is approaching, it is necessary to control and secure a power plant occupied by heavy armed enemies to prevent lockdown.

This is the content that was considered to be “** that can not be announced in light of the world’s situation” when announced last time, but it is considered to be related to Ukrainian invasion by the Russian army currently occurring. On March 31, there was an announcement that the Russian army was occupied by the Chernobili (Chernoviri) nuclear power plant, but now there are many nuclear power plants in the Russian army.

It is difficult to think about what you made such content in the world’s situation for the world’s situation, but it seems that an event near the real world has been distributed.

See the official patch notes, such as functions implemented in the PTS of other “Division 2”.