There are various ways to “Malgit” in “Elden Ring”. Best ticks for other difficulties

Elden Ring ” provides various items and systems that can be used in capture. However, there are also opaques or more difficult to notice. This article introduces such small techniques that many players have revealed in playing “Elden Ring”. Note that this paper also includes elements that can be spoiled.

First of all, it is a relatively measure as an item with an unexpected way, “Malgit’s restraint”. This item can be purchased from a patch that is an NPC. Originally, it is a tool for temporarily sealing Malgit motion that is a boss. However, this item seems to have a mechanism for functional implementation or how to generate some judgment in a wide area of surroundings. Moreover, this mechanism also acts other than Margit.

It is possible to make it possible for some kind of “hero tomb” to make it possible. Speaking of chariot, it is a hate gimmick that gives the players of this work. In some appearances, destruction of a collision accident is also possible by operating another gimmick. However, the path leading there will be long, and it will come out how much the threat of Charriot is over several times. However, in a grave tomb, the gimmick can be operated from the distance away by using the Malgit restraint. Therefore, it is possible to cut the road and destroy Chariot. This method reports many domestic and foreign users, and the domestic player’s Yuki, who is known for “Zelda’s legendary breath of the wild” and the like, has published a video of the method.

And the ability of the Malgit restraint is not only this. In fact, the item also acts on the “disappearing wall” spoken in this work. Moreover, the effect of the item is quite wide. Even if you use rolling and attacks, you can check the walls nearby if you activate the binder. Furthermore, the determination of the restraint is even affected by the enemy. The enemies that exist within the scope at the time of restraint activation are aware of the players (except those who are hiding or sticking to the ceiling). By carefully used, it is also possible to save a stone or arrow to “fish”. However, it is difficult to adjust, and this is not aware of unwarved enemies. It would be better to be careful when using for attraction. In addition, when I verified, a series of techniques were also available in Morg’s Restrite.

Subsequently, it is a small technique for operation. In this work, the zone that takes over the player’s feet, such as poisonum and lava, often appears. If you run out to some extent, you may be able to swallow the player’s feet with a deep swamp or lava that will not run. It is difficult to get out quickly even in 1 second. In such a case, the movement you want to recommend is “Back Steps.”

In deep swamps and lava that can not run, rolling and soaked by the whole body. On the other hand, if it is a back step, it can skip more and more quickly. If you move the front side to the operation character, it will be “back” in the direction of travel. I would like to try it by all means who fade out the swamp and lava.

Other small techniques include Torrent’s “slowly turning”. Torrent turns the analog stick slowly and turns with minimal movement. The keyboard can be used with the “Move Shift” key. This operation can be used, for example, when the cliff is stopped when the traent is stopped at the cliff. There may also be many players who have instinctively noticed fear. As a surprising specification or technique mentioned elsewhere, “Latina of the Shiragane is a large wolf in the surroundings” as a thing that the authors can be viewed “Transparent scaffolds are easy to see if you use frost step,” “rain and water area slightly raise lightning damage, slightly lower fire damage”.

There are a wide variety of items and elements in “Elden Ring”. Even if it is defined as a specification, a technique that has not yet been discovered by the player even in the unintended behavior of the development side. If you try variously with curiosity, there may still be a surprise discovery.