The next Meta Quest Gaming Showcase will take place on April 20th

At the end of a beautiful end of the year 2021 punctuated by titles as Resident Evil 4 VR and Lone Echo 2, the Meta Quest ecosystem is ready to unveil its next cartridges as part of a presentation set for April 20 at 7 pm

Facebook Connect Livestream 2021 - Oculus Quest Pro Announcement?
Formerly known as Oculus Gaming Showcase before Facebook’s change of identity, this appointment promises to take stock of the Catalog forces Meta Quest with new ads of games, first previews of gameplay or
News on the games expected in the coming months.

Among these games may be collaborations with Ubisoft ( Splinter Cell , Assassin’s Creed ) or Rockstar Games ( Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Vr ).
And as much let go of the horses because if the Quest has had the beautiful life so far, the competition prepares its return on the market of virtual reality.
The program will be broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Oculus TV.