State of Decay 2: Fixed problems with lighting and undead

For Xbox consoles and PC, Undead Labs has been published a new update to State of Decay 2.

New content does not provide the update. For this purpose, developers have taken care of some annoying problems in the game. Among them is a problem at which zombies stupid rushed as you can sleep afterwards or mistakes in the lighting.

Here are the patch notes:

  • “Welcome to the party” should no longer conceal the player where the enclave is located. The enclave was displayed, but the mission has not been updated with markers or a description.
  • Zombies should have it easier to run around in Marshall, rather than standing and moaning how unfair it is that they can not reach you.

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* The infestations should be normal again. Players should be able to have more than 5, and these infestations should be able to grow beyond more than one screamer.
* One-handed manifolds now make noises again when they end up with Undead.

  • The structure for the HAVEN device has now been translated into the supported languages.
  • A number of lighting errors have been fixed in different parts of the world.