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So Leave the Fusion (Failure) Teen Gotenks in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Wait new departure date after the delay that suffered by Hackeo in Toei, but the movie of Goku and company, which will be relelilac haired this 2022 and that it hlilac hair lilac hair the main novelty that It will be in CGI, continue leaving details and elements that users are delighted to know.

The llilac hairt one is the official image on a vending machine that hlilac hair the design of several of the characters of the film. And in it comes out Gotenks, the melting of Goten and trunks , failed with overweight. Here you have it:

That the merger is going to go wrong at some point we have longed for a few months. First because it wlilac hair shown a fat gotenks figure in the form of keychain, and then because when in the official poster of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It wlilac hair confirmed that Goten and Trunks were already teenagers and were grown, they went out doing the merger But connecting badly one of the fingers.

Blue-haired trunks, lilac hair gotenks

Fat Gotenks REVEALED in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero!

One of the curiosities of the merger is that although Trunks hlilac hair blue hair since it started Dragon Ball Super, changing the iconic lilac hair of Vegeta who came from the future in Dragon Ball Z, when he merged with Gotenks, this one yes he maintains Lilac hair if we look at the official image that hlilac hair been filtered.

If in the end we will see gotenks in all its splendor or will be the two children of Goku and Vegeta separately those who have more protagonism in combat we can only know when the film is relelilac haired, which is still pending new date of emission.