Genshin Impact: Get 60 FREE protogems and adventurer experience with the following temporary code of version 2.6

The newly released version 2.6 of Genshin Impact has been accompanied by a new temporary event to obtain a few rewards, but Mihoyo has also enabled a new temporary code that will allow to get free protogems and other items , so in the following guide We are going to tell you how to exchange it.

Get FREE protogems and adventurer experience with the following temporary code

The new code that has been enabled will deliver a total of 60 protogems and five adventurer experience, which come to be articles of the most sought after by the players. That said, the code in question that you have to use is as follows:

  • ms7c3sv8dmzh

MiHoyo has not indicated until when the code can be used, so you better redeem it as soon as you can just disappear sooner or later. Of course, you can only use it once on an account.

How to redeem the codes in Genshin Impact

The way to redeem the codes is very simple, but before that it is necessary that you have reached the adventure range 10 during your departure. If you are in that position, you will only have to go to the next web page and follow these steps:

  • Log in with your MiHoyo account.
  • Select the server from which you play, at which time the nickname should be filled automatically.
  • In the third box you will be able to enter the code that we have provided before and finally pressing in redeem.

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After all this, the rewards should appear in the internal mail of the game. However, in the versions of PS4 and PS5 the process is different , since in them there is no MiHoyo account, so it will touch you to pause and on the menu you will see an option to redeem the code.

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