Wow classic

Earthworm Jim 2, You-Dug II Y Mappy

Nintendo has updated the classic Catalogs of online switch with three new games, two of NES and one of Super Nintendo, all available from now.

In NES, arrivals are two NAMCO sequelae: on the one hand it is Dig-Dug II and on the other, MAPPY-LAND . Neither of them were published in Europe in their day, although the sequel to Mappy (only for consoles, unlike the original) had been available by these lands through the Wii U virtual console.

Super Nintendo, on the other hand, takes EarthWorm Jim 2 , an authentic classic of the 16 bits. Developed by Shiny, it is an extravagant run and gun starring a worm that should rescue a princess; More than by its argument, the game is remembered by the variety of situations, mostly absurd, which raises the game, much more complete and solid than its first part.

Earthworm Jim 2 on Switch! 3 NEW & SNES Games for NSO! MARCH 2022 Trailer (Dig Dug II & Mappy Land!)

A major, EX versions of Super Mario World and Super Punch-Out have been added !!, in both cases with all unlocked.