Resident Evil: Everyone loves Wesker

Today on Cog consider, let’s talk about one of the Resident Evil the most emblematic characters. Albert Wesker is a man with a dream. Unfortunately for everyone around him, this dream is mainly to fly high-level zombie biological weapons for pleasure and profit, using ruthlessly anyone who trusts him and accumulating more betrayal than revolver ocelot. Despite this, it is always one of the most popular antagonists in the series, and for good reason. Even after the complete disaster that was Evil 5_, Wesker’s actions continue to haunt the protagonists. He was responsible for the events of Evil 7_ long after his death. Now it’s a good wickedness here. But why do we like so much Wesker?

The first reason is as simple as evident: it’s just cool. He made an honorable mention on our list of the ten bad guys of the most wicked video game, where we described it as a “malignant stylish”, and I can not agree with this statement. Although its backward hairstyle can be a little old-fashioned, Wesker’s cool approach to monstrosity, freezing behavior and sufficient demonstrations of superiority never stands out. Add superhuman capacities, eyes like ardent coals, an obsession for the protagonist Chris Redfield (and to a lesser extent, Jill Valentine), and the occasional overview of something crazy and frantic under the affable mask, and you have an interesting bad guy. In addition, he is responsible for everything that is wrong in the series. Efficiency is sexy. Look at this cosplayer if you do not believe me.

Resident Evil 5 PC Mod - Wesker & Chris (Gay & Bad Guys)
The second reason is a little more complicated: in a series that overlaps the line between the horror trows of the film B and the social comment, Wesker unites the two parts of resident evil the horror. It is both the traitor in your ranks and the business leader who cares more about his financial results than people’s lives. This means that it represents a form of a faceless corporate malpractice as well as more traditional fears of the undead – in fact, its relatively polished facade and its complete moral bankruptcy lean a lot more towards the horror of being at the mercy of Giant companies, which adds an impending threat to each tranche. The main characters may might slaughter the zombies in front of them, but they can not prevent Wesker from provoking another epidemic later and take what he wants in chaos.

The third reason on my list is just that, well, a very functional zombie is a really interesting idea. After the events of RE1, Wesker is infected with a variant of the Virus T. Although he can still pass for a human, it is very clearly became something else. It can dodge bullets, drill the stone walls and omnipresent sunglasses are used to hide its bright red eyes. A bit like Resident Evil Village ‘S Big Vampire Lady, it’s very fun to try to understand how his biology works and what it is really capable. Would he be purring when he was happy? Can he even wear the notoriously giant Chris Redfield in his big and powerful arms? Does it suffer from the same horrible hunger that pushes the rest of the Zombies resident evil furious? Who knows! Maybe that’s why he went to the deepest re5. Zombies need brains to work, after all. Maybe he was just short.

Whatever the decisions taken by Capcom over the last ten years, the inheritance of Albert Wesker continues to continue in the series and in pop culture. One thing is certain: the fans will require more than the villain of the beloved horror game for very very long.