On the Defense, the Gravity Paladok Tactics Released

Gravity launched a 30-day mobile SRPG Paladon Tax in Korea.

Paladok Tatics is a strategy game that defeats the Undead Corps by growing a variety of heroes, including Paladders. Reinterpreting the Paladin IP and earlier until the previous year, the growth and strategy were notified in the heart.

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Gravity conducts 9 kinds of domestic launch events from Paladin Taxes from 30th to April 30th. In the game, attendance check events, levels of adventure check event, level achievement compensation, and hot-time events are made from April 27. In addition, the official Naver lounge opens VIP events, lounge join events, skins, and best assessment events until April 30th.

Paladok Tatics Representative said, “The Paladin Tatics reflects the opinions that have left the use of the users in the three CBTs in the meantime, formally launched Paladin Tatics in Korea. I am going to be a lot of attention. “

More information can be found in the Paladin Tactics Official Naver Lounge.