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Apex Legends finally gets the versions of PS5, Xbox Series X

Eyends of apex Players who have been waiting for the native versions of the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S Finally get what they expected this week with the launch of exactly that. Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts announced that the Warriors Collection event that was previously detailed will also bring the launch of the improved versions of the Battle Royale game on Tuesday. The published details along with the ad specified how some of these updates would be seen, as well as the process that players must follow to get the improved versions of the game, according to the console in which you are playing.

In the blog publication that details the Warriors Collection, Respawn and EA event have updated that page with news about the updates of the current generation. Appéndex Players who have one of those newer consoles will notice that things like a 4K and HDR resolution will now be available according to the console that is being used, although not everything is available immediately. Some things, in particular the performance of 120 Hz, will not be launched up to a later update.

The summary of what comes out now and what console, as well as what is planned for the future, can be found below:


  • Exit 4K: PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • Full gameplay at 60 Hz: PS5 and Xbox Series X | S
    HDR: PS5 and Xbox Series X | S
  • High resolution shadow maps: PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • Greater LOD distances: PS5 and Xbox Series X

Planned for future updates

  • Gameplay at 120 Hz: PS5 and Xbox Series X | S
  • Adaptive triggers – PS5
  • Háptics – PS5
  • Visual improvements: PS5 and Xbox Series X | S
  • Audio improvements: PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

The Xbox Series S console is omitted in some of the improvements mentioned above, but that should not be too surprising since it is usually the case each time updates such as these are announced. It is also worth noting that the DualSense functions of PlayStation 5, such as adaptable triggers and haptic feedback, will be implemented at a later date, although it is possible that many PlayStation 5 users do not bother so much that delay since people a They often choose to deactivate adaptive triggers in the competition. Handles like appendix.

Those who play on the Xbox consoles do not have to do anything to update to the new version, as it will happen automatically through Smart Delivery. If you are playing in PlayStation 5, you will have to go to pice Game Hub, navigate to your options and choose the PlayStation 5 version to download before deleting the PlayStation 4 version to make sure you are playing in the newest version.