Xbox Series S: Thats how you can have a Sonic

THIS is why you NEED an Xbox Series S

For the upcoming theaters of the Movie Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Microsoft is giving away two Xbox Series S-consoles including controllers. As you can easily see on the picture below, it is an Xbox Series S console suitable for the design of the brand with the Blue Hedgehog. Ventilation of the console turns out to be an ideal place to place a golden ring. And even the controllers have it in themselves. While that is often brushed, but the fluffy design is certainly unique! How to win the Xbox Series S-consoles and controllers? For this you have to follow Xbox on Twitter, the Tweet to the raffle with hashtag # XboxSonic2sweepstakes Retweeten and over 18 years old. The deadline is April 4, 2022. The conditions of participation for this raffle hosted by Microsoft can be found on Xbox.com.