Unfelt: That made Hertha BSC with the windhorst

With the entry of the entrepreneur Lars Windhorst Hertha BSC made a stir in the summer of 2019. But instead of qualifying for the international competitions, the Berliners had to be oriented downwards. The investor pumped proud 374 million euros in the club. A sum that is largely summarized.

At Hertha BSC, there is powerful trouble in the leadership floor. Donors Lars Windhorst Publicly demands that from Vereit President Werner counterbauer.

“I’m quite clear against the top of the Bureau and their followers. It is now the highest railway that we tear the rudder around. I put on the positive effects of a reboot and that restart we need at the top,” explained the 45-year-old For “picture TV”.

Windhorst has a great influence at the capital club, the investor ensured a whole 64.7 percent of Hertha BSC for 374 million euros. Where the sum has flowed exactly, the Tennor Boss did not know. “We have asked a number of questions to understand exactly what happened to the money. So far we did not get enough answers. We would like to understand it myself,” Cried Windhorst.

According to the “picture”, the basic expenditure with the businessman, however, were discussed in his entry in 2019. In addition, Windhorst is sitting in the Hertha Advisory Council, which is debated and voted on the important expenditure.

Lars Windhorst stoppt Hertha BSC Doku! Gegenbauer vs. Windhorst / Tennor. Machtkampf bei Hertha BSC.

In the semi-annual meetings of the committee, the entrepreneur has remained the age of five times, but it says. In addition, Windhorst regular financial reports are provided.

Hertha BSC invests in player and build Aligne

According to the boulevard sheet, the 374 million euros flowed into several areas. Around 100 million euros should have been issued for the repayment of Old debt. Windhorst had probably assumed to pay out old shareholders.

In addition, Hertha BSC has invested much in new players in recent years. In the Transfer Period 2019/20, around 130 million euros were apparently put in detachment, salaries and commissions. The costly obligations of Dodi Lukébakio, Santiago Ascacíbar, Lucas Tousart, Krzysztof Piatek and Matheus Cunha did not allow themselves in most cases.

To make matters worse as for all Bundesliga clubs, the Corona pandemic added. Since then Hertha BSC had to counter a loss of around 100 million euros. An adjusted millions amount was influenced in the infrastructure of the club. In addition, Hertha BSC has 107.5 million euros in annual financial statements.