Nintendo Switch Body Apde 14.0.0 Delivery start. Finally folder function implementation

Nintendo delivered Nintendo Switch Body Update 14.0.0 on March 22. The contents are as follows:

HOME The Group feature has been added to “All software” in the menu.
Create “Group” so that you can register your favorite software.
Creating groups by software genre or manufacturer, etc., the desired software is easy to find.
– “Group” can be created up to 100, and one “group” can register up to 200 software.
– “All software” is displayed at the right edge of the Home menu if there are 13 or more soft icons.

Changed the volume operation of “Bluetooth® audio”.
Nintendo Switch The volume of Bluetooth audio device can now be operated from the main unit.
Bluetooth When you operate the volume button of the audio device, it is also reflected in the volume display on the screen of the main unit.
Some Bluetooth audio devices maximal output volume has increased.
– Bluetooth audio devices must correspond to the AVRCP profile.

The eyeball is the implementation of the group function. Group functions will be so-called folder functions. Nintendo Switch had no function to summarize more than one software. Therefore, users who own many software have been inconvenient with each software access. From this update, the folder function was implemented with the name of the group. Create a group and select a soft-choice and created flow that you want to arrive there. The name etc. can be arbitrarily input. For more details, please check the items of Nintendo official group.

Folders FINALLY Added! | Nintendo Switch Update 14.0.0 Is Out!

Besides, it would be a big change that the volume of Bluetooth audio device can be operated from the Nintendo Switch body. Nintendo Switch Body Updated Version 14.0.0 is currently being distributed.