How to solve a puzzle with a monument to anemo south of Plains Guili in Liue in Genshin Impact

In the south of Plains Guili, northeast of Harbor Liue, you will find a monument of anemo in front of the ruins with a locked gate on Earth in front of him. The puzzle is connected to the clamping plate and the second monument anemo underground – successfully solve it to unlock the gem chest .

Start with the fact that go to the place circled in the image below. Do not forget to bring Applicator Aneleo and Character that can activate small pressure plates .

At first glance, everything you find is a monument of anemio in front of the ruins. Go left until you stop standing on the stone, and you will find the staircase leading to the underground floor. There you will find the clamping plate and the second monument of the aleamo, which are separated by the wall.

Genshin Impact - How to solve the Anemo (Wind) Puzzle at Guili Plains Ruins - Liyue

To solve the puzzle, you need ignite both monuments anemio at the same time . The easiest way to do is to invite a friend through the cooperative so that he will be lit one monument, and you take care of the friend. But it is also quite fulfilled independently.

Two monuments of anemo glow only for a short period of time, and the pressure plate also remains activated only when it has a design, so you need to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. Follow these steps to optimize the route:

Pitch First : Activate the clamping plate underground. The gate in the ceiling will open.
Pitch second : Climb the stairs and activate the monument of anemo above the ground.
* Step Three : Jump through the gate before the first monument, then activate the second monument underground.

The precious chest appears on the pressure plate after a successful puzzle solution. You can try attempts as many times as you need if you fail.

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