How to use Milo Yuelle – Triangle Strategy Guide

Milo Yuel will join your rows forever after several chapters for anything that does not require assistance in the triangle strategy – that is, if you choose paths with Roland and Frederica and return to Wolffort in chapter 15. Her loyalty never seems defined But soon it is quite clear that she likes the most sullen.

Here is how you can use Milo, spy from the chisant.

Battle Strategies for Milo Yuel

Maylo has fascinating talent to dance. Use her fan to apply a serious physical damage and poison the goal. It will be extremely useful when you double the range of its movement due to its ability – Moon Jump . Not only can Milo be able to jump at considerable distances, even through the abyss, it will also be able to use an additional command when landing.

For example, you can jump and perform powerful Milo poisoning. Green fog Attack at the beginning of the battle, then return it to a safe place. Alternatively, in some cases, let Milo crosses the entire steps. Along the way, it can reduce the attack and protect enemies by three strokes, taking one TP with them. Blue night ability.

Improvement class and improvement

Increase the efficiency and duration of the “blue night” and “green fog”, as soon as you unlock the second rank of the Milo weapon. You can also improve its evasion and speed characteristics when it is studying Hearts kidnapper The ability in the status of a veteran and gets a chance to seduce enemies into two strokes if used in battle. Temptuous enemies will attack each other and even cause attacks of their allies.

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As soon as you unlock her third weapon rank, Phoenix Fan, you can buy this ability. Power of love. This will seduce all opponents within reach of one turn and can be especially useful when you are surrounded by a mass of enemies. In addition, an advanced star dust Milo has a chance to paralyze all the nearest opponents.

Cute Yuell can perform impressive feats in motion. Her tempting abilities can reverse the course of the battle, and its “lunar jump” and the “green fog” is extremely useful when she first appears to fight you. At first, it may seem that its loyalty fluctuates, but as soon as the sernema and the company will take it, you will get a strong and valuable striker.

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