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Elden Ring: How to Buy An Old Dragon Makeup

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_ ELDENRING _ has spread greatly since its publication on the global gaming market and players have experienced everything the world has to offer them. There are many people who have tried to collect every item in the game, and this was a tremendous undertaking, as there are so many different things. An object that the players liked to collect, is the “Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone”, and with this item you can upgrade weapons to + 25-rank. So that these are very valuable, this guide article explains how you can “shop” the ancient dragon forging “shop” eldenring and certain places to find them.

Purchase of the ancient dragon forged test in Elden Ring

Although the stone can not be bought by dealers across the country, there is a detour on which they can buy the forged test technically. To do this, you need to play GURRANQ’s quest series that can be found in Caelid, especially in the “Bestial Sanctum” to “talk” with Gurranq, you must conclude the first section of D, Hunter of, the quest series of the dead too.

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Once you have completed this and interact with Gurranq, you must bring him only a total of 9 ‘death roots throughout the process and then get the’ Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone ‘by swapping / buying / buying it with the’ Deathroots’. You collect. For every ‘death’, which you bring to him, you will receive another reward.

Other ways to get the ancient dragon blacksmith

If you want to get the ancient dragon blacksmithing faster, you can find it around the world. For example, there is one who can be found on the cliff east of the ‘cave of abandoned’ and collecting the player. So you do not just have to follow the ‘Gurranq’ method to get it. If you plan your next boss fight, these forgings will certainly give you an advantage in the fighting.

_ ELDENRING _ is now available for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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