What does luck in the triangle strategy affect?

Many combat aspects in the triangle strategy seem to depend on what you’re lucky. For example, if you are not lucky, the archer can blind you. If you are lucky, you can successfully provoke the enemy. Applying critical strikes seems to also depend on luck. What about evasion from the mentioned critical strikes, is it also depends on good luck?

What does luck do?

Good luck affects only one thing in a triangle strategy: The likelihood you will apply a critical strike . Everything else depends on the skill, level of improvement, other characteristics, such as evasion and much more.

For example, provocation and blinding always have a higher landing chance compared to other status effects, such as blinding and temptation. Before you attack the enemy, the probability of touching the status effect is always displayed on the screen. That’s right the status of the enemy.

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If you are not sure if the status effect has higher chances to land or not, just remember the following:

  • If it stops the enemy from the attack you in any form (sleep, paralysis, temptation, etc.) Its chances to land below compared to others (such as blind and downward movement).
  • If it looks like it Profit more His landing chances below compared to others.
    • The likelihood of landing paralysis is lower compared to sleep, because you can still attack a paralyzed enemy, and he will not be able to move. Sleeping enemy will wake up if you attack it.
    • TEMPT landing chances below compared to others because of how much more reward is if it land (you get a temporary ally).

Skills depending on chances, such as laid lionel feathers, are constant if there is no available update, which will increase their chances of landing.

Your chances of avoiding the enemy attack depend on your evasion . In addition, the chances of the enemy to dodge tan attacks also depend on their evidence characteristic. Evasion does not affect the probability of landing status effects.

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