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Our first glimpse of the Gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West

Since its announcement at the PlayStation 5 Games Showcase of June 2020, the 2017 Horizon Success Action Role Fans: Zero Dan are calling for more information on Horizon Forbidden West, which should go out at T3 / T4 2021. State Today’s PlayStation 5 focused on the rest, giving us our first gameplay overview in the new Western border of the World CyberPunk Horizon Stone Age.

Horizon Forbidden West - State of Play Gameplay Reveal | PS5

The gameplay, caught on PS5, shows the main character Aloy crossing a new seaside location while being chased by enemy raiders, who discovered the secret to defeat and tame the mechanical animals that wander in the West forbidden. Aloy’s signature arc returns for this fight, with the haptic return of Dualshock 5 providing a touch response to each arrow.

There is a smooth transition while Aloy hides under the waves to avoid his hunters, revealing a beautiful underwater environment, full of bright colors. The crossing of the world in general seems to be a goal of Forbidden West, with a mechanical glider and the ability of Aloy to get around and mount machines offering opportunities for a wide range of movements. Aloy’s new focus scanner allows him to identify and highlight the freerunning areas on the map.

The fight seems to be quite similar to the first horizon exit, Aloy using stealth to instantly cut up lower human enemies and weak points marked for strategic fire. These hard mechanical mammoths cook that we saw in the revelation trailer make another appearance here, with Aloy using clever arrows and shots well placed to slow them down, damage their systems and return their own weapons against them. You will be able to use detached weapons of the enemy, as indicated when Aloy returns against him the damaged laser barrel of a mammoth. A wide range of weapons will also be available via upgrades and recovery, with a complete craft system that allows Aloy to customize its equipment.

Horizon Forbidden West promises to be one of the most anticipated games of 2021 – hope that it lives up to what we saw so far!