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Nexon, Gangnam-gu, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile

Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyun) told the ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (Dungeon Fire)’ in the middle of the city of Seoul.

Nexon released a video of the on-the-art display of the indigo-type signboard installed on the 1st of Gangnam-gu, on the last 16 days. The video of the Buff Fairy of Dunfamo flyed the main building of Gangnam, and the last K-POP Square was produced in 3D.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Android Gameplay (CBT) (KR)

This extraordinary outdoor advertisement is until April 30 ▲ COEX K-POP Square ▲ COEX H-WALL ▲ Gangnam Station Is-LIVE ▲ POSCO DANGER V-PLEX ▲ V-PLEX ▲ Reversam Screening.

Nexon has introduced a new TV advertisement on the last 14 days and 15 days. Advertisement ▲ The start of the adventure ▲ Memories of ceria ▲ Another move to the world, and it will be a total of three stimulating the memories of the original Dungeon and Fighter, while stimulating the memories of the original dungeon and fighter.

Nexon will formally launch the PoMo Bailles on the 24th and the Apple App Store on the 24th.

Detailed information on Dungeon Bailles can be found on the official homepage.