New Nintendo Switch controller possibly filtered

It is possible that a new Nintendo Switch controller has been filtered, or possibly the controller of the rumored Nintendo Switch 2. Filtration comes directly from Nintendo, courtesy of a patent for a new controller that looks a lot like a prototype controller, but not necessarily For Nintendo Switch, since it shares a minimum similarity with Nintendo Switch Joy-con. In other words, if something comes from this patent, it will probably be for a successor of switch or other piece of hardware completely. Unfortunately, a description of the patent offers minimal understanding, since it is full of technical jargon and intrascendent details, like most patents.

“A game controller according to the present disclosure includes: a casing and an internal structural body accommodated inside the housing”, is read in the patent summary. «The internal structural body includes at least: an internal framework having an installation surface and a recess adjacent to the installation surface; A battery that is housed in recess of the internal frame and has a first surface that is opposed to a lower surface of the recess and a second surface on the opposite side of the first surface, and a flexible substrate that is installed on the surface of Installing the internal frame and includes a conductive pattern. The flexible substrate is arranged to cover at least a part of the second surface of the battery accommodated in the recess “.

Next, you can see an image that accompanies the patent:

New Nintendo Switch Controller Possibly LEAKED

If you read the patent, you will see that it was presented at 2021, but it was not published until this year and just now it appears thanks to the previous Twitter user. What should be done with him? It is difficult to say. Patents are difficult to give a lot of weight. On the one hand, patents usually never pass from conceptual and prototypical stages to a real consumption product. Over the years, many Nintendo patents apparently have not gone anywhere. In addition to this context, it is important to remember that patents sometimes refer to ideas and specific mechanisms instead of a larger product. Then, something can arise from this patent, but that does not mean that it will have the form of the previous controller. Finally, Nintendo will also patent the work that discards the future, so this could be an example of this.

At the time of publication, Nintendo has not pronounced this patent and speculations it has unleashed. He never comments on patents or speculation or speculation derived from patents, so we do not anticipate this change, but if he does, we will update the story accordingly.