Development of “RPG who work hard for tax return” is started. Free game to enjoy how many people will suffer finish filing

It is announced that Mr. National Creator’s Affirmation of Flexible Declaration Methods Flexible Games “ Developing RPG ” developed RPG ** “. There are many attention from people who have been suffering from tax returns.

Final declaration. It is a procedure to declare the tax expense of the tax account every year, such as a separate person who has a personal business or side business owner. Every March 15 Declaration of December 15 When it comes to talks about something, it is not necessary to say that it is not necessary to declare himself. A lubricated lubricant, with a large amount of deduction, is a cumbersome of the necessary documents, and it is a seed of many people’s headache.

From the middle of February when the final income tax return period starts, the topic was often attracting attention on Twitter. It is not only aft if it can be enjoyed in game format. Therefore, the announcement of “RPG who work hard for tax return” seems to attract attention.

“RPG who works hard for tax return” is RPG, which pairs the work of a real Japanese tax return to the world of fantasy. Michinaga of the individual business owner in the king of self-proclaimed king, accidentally gains a large amount of money with FX. However, I felt completely forgot that he would like to get his tax and used its profits to build his own king. He can not pay tax, he has a castle with the devil Kokusee. I’m trying to summon a brave zueli and tries to cut out a situation.

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In the screen shot published, “I will do a tax return and regain the refund from the devil Coxseee !!” If you use the magic of I TAX, a declaration (battle) without going to the dungeon (tax office) It is possible to make the system with a tax return system, such as “I can be able to get familiar with the system. Weapons and armor are applicable to fixed assets and purchased may also have a well-humorous system, such as taxes occur.

According to Mr. Tweet of Mr., in this work, the lifetime is held, and the enemy’s HP is the tax amount, and if the taxation amount is calculated, the taxable amount (enemy HP) can be won if it is zero. And. When the party member dependent deduction and the treasure chest is also important for the battle, it seems to be important, and it seems to be a unique system with the mechanism of actual final income declaration.

As a result of the past results of Mr. Nara, the Gag RPG “Fai Nara Fantasy” is open for free. In addition, in parallel with “RPG who work hard for tax return”, a very ordinary high school girl, Owo sister is also under development with the Maiden game “If it is a good girl,” ☆ Koi “is also underway. He is a game creator that tastes to produce a surreal gag with a slightly hard-tailed material such as history and culture and various game genres. I would like to expect Ho’s humor to explode “RPG who work hard for tax return” this time.

A tax return for the third year of the third year of the third year was closed on March 15, but the same nightmare will come to the same day next year. “RPG who works hard for tax return” can reduce people who suffer from tax declaration for the fourth year? As a lighter of the game media, and as a human beings that are suffering from final income taxes as every year, they support the development of Mr..